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Our company is one of the leading exporters and suppliers of various military equipment, licensed by the Israeli M.O.D. (SIBAT).

Would be pleased should you contact us for the purpose of cooperation in our field of activity.

Type of equipment supplied by our company as following:

Ammunition: small arms cartridge, anti-aircraft cannon shells,  aircraft gun shells, hand grenades,  gun shells, Howitzer shells, rocket shells, mortar bombs, anti-tank ammunition. 

Weapons: Mortars, machine guns, assault rifles, bayonets, grenades, mines, guns.

combat suits, raincoats, caps, shoes and boots, socks, sleeping bags,
pullovers, bedding, bulletproof vests, helmets.

Israeli M.O.D. surplus

Various explosives, propellants, blasting materials.



control vehicle, tear gas for riot control anti-terror & police equipment.



security vehicles, command cars, jeeps.



Fast patrol boats, naval equipment.

“When you have to shoot shoot don’t talk”

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